Exhibitions, Awards and Grants
  Exhibitions of the state Rheinland-Pfalz in Mainz, Trier, Pirmasens
  International Graphic-Biennale in Frechen (FRG)
  Intergrafik in Ost-Berlin (GDR)
  European Graphic-Biennale in Heidelberg (FRG)
  International Graphic-Biennale in Krakow (Poland)
  International Graphic-Biennale in Sofia (Bulgaria)
  Great Art Exhibition in Düsseldorf (FRG)
  Gallery of the Silpakorn-Universität in Bangkok (Thailand)
  Exhibition with Professors of the Warshow Akademy in Warshow and Ludwigshafen
  Mcintosh-Gallery od the University of Western Ontario, London (Canada)
  Art Basel (Edition Vogelsperger, Switzerland)
  Mail-Art-Exhibitions in Malmö Södertalje and Uppsalla (Sweden)
  Franklin Funarce New York (USA) , Roskilde (Denmark)
  Participation in the Heidelberg Film and Video Days

Awards and Grants
1974 Award of the town Ludwigshafen
1979 Award »Junge Rheinland-Pfälzer Künstler «
1984 Nine Months Stipendium in the "Atelierhaus" Worpswede
1991 Award of the »Vereinigung Pfälzer Kunstfreunde «
Awarding of »Picasso-Medaille «
  Several Awards and Grants for Fotography
Purchase of several Towns and Museums in Rheinland-Pfalz und Baden-Württemberg
Regular Publications, in Art Catalogues, Collections of Lyrics, Photobooks
Several Folders with Text and Graphic, Video-Filme, Bibliophil Books

  Experiences of many Years in the Youth Work and Adult Education
  Founded knowledge in the Artistic Printings Etchings and Lithographies of the Stone, Screen Printing, Woodcut and Linocut.
  Knowledge of old Painting Techniques (eg. Florentini Painting)
  Profound knowledge of Black-and-White Photography, Developing, Enlargeing and Toning
  Knowledge of Metal Colouring and Galvanisation.

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