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Die luftdichte Murmel The Airtight Marble:
more than half a century old. . . .
and the gossip factory goes on:
My private affairs are not your business!
Its pity that completly uninvolved people get their share.
The devil should get all of you! ! !


A new project of Gisbert Amm and Guenther Wilhelm
The ultimative site on the topic of body fluids u. a. m.
+++ under construction - pantha rei +++


Visions All Areas Volume 12 Visions Compilation
All Areas Volume 12
11 Songs and two Videoclips 68 min. play time
Cover Artwork: Guenther Wilhelm

Günther Wilhelm 2000

JimmyEatWorld+FrankBlack&the Catholics+Supersuckers+Uncle Ho+Zebrahead+Godsmack+ Russell Simins+Delicate+Mother Tongue+Jelly Planet+Vibravoid+Monster Magnet & Queens of the Stone Age+ Motorpsycho

Visions Compilation


Cat Felix
a giant animal- new in my house.
More pictures of my cats on the cat page:
Picasso + Ringelnatz + Caesar + Felix

(available in German only)


SON OF RAY: Life-Concert, STONEHENGE Mannheim, 26.05.01


edition noir


Exhibition of Guenther Wilhelm
February / March 2002 Photographies, Graphics, Assemblages


Competition "Literatur Digital"
"Meine Träume mondbeglänzt"
Erotic Fantasies in Lyric und Photography of Margit Laubmeister. Layout: Guenther Wilhelm


International Photosaloon "SIBERIA 2002"
Invitation to join the international Photo-Exhibitionof the Russian Photomagazins "PHOTO Siberia Success" in Novosibirsk and St.-Petersburg, April 2002


Halloween: SON OF RAY, STONEHENGE, Mannheim