Brain Boxes*

*Shrine (Latin): box shaped cabinet-similar container (for cult objects, precious objects)with doors for the keeping of cult objects, preciousobjects. Relics were in a coffin.
* * (Lat. reliquiae „leftover, leftbehind“; relinquere „to leave over, to leave behind;)
** coffin: long, usually wooden box, into which the dead body is put, shrine of the dead.
(Lat. sarcophagus (Greek sarkophagos „meateater“, originally the coffins of the stone from Assos in Asia Minor, which destroyed the meat of the corpses buried in it gradually; (Greek sarx, Gen. sarkos „meat“+ phagein „to eat“; a sarkophag)
in the Old-Greek "crate"is to be translated both with "grave", which was culturally connected with living on after death, and as well with "coitus"
Title: UV:) Gehirnschrein
Size: 58 x 4,5 x 7 cm

Title: UV:) Gehirnschrein 3, mexikanisch
Title: UV:) Gehirnschrein , Bleikammer
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